A new band, the old masters – No Man’s Land!

No Man’s Land started in the spring of 2014 and has members from several well known metal bands such as Thunderstone, Children Of Bodom, Warmen, Kotipelto, Northern Kings, Raskasta Joulua and Kiuas etc.


The drummer, Mirka Rantanen had already been toying for quite a time with the idea of a band which would consist of good friends and musicians. The man wanted to form a band with whom one can go to the training room to jam and to develop songs just like in the good old days. The songs are then born as a side product.

”I wanted the playing to be fun. Any kind of ego boosting and dictatorial band leading would be totally out of the question . I also wanted to make the kind of music, which would be close to my heart and which I knew the other musicians like too.” Mirka reveals the story of the band .

What is the sound of No Man’s Land? You can find that the band’s music is motivated strongly by the 1980 ’s hard rock and heavy atmosphere, where you can hear the echoes of the genre’s long-time favorites such as Whitesnake, Dokken, and Mr. Big.”In this band everyone is the songwriter, involved in the making of the songs and music, their ideas are listened to and tried out in the rehearsal room” Rantanen says.

No Man´s Land has currently been in the studio doing demos of the upcoming material, from which the tasty samples you can hear now. Full album will be on the way late in the spring 2016 and gigs begin as soon as the set is brought together.

”I had in my mind exactly this line-up and I was hoping that all would agree with this. What’s better, they shared my passion and agreed. I feel schoolboy enthusiasm towards No Man’s Land and I believe that the good feeling is passed on to the songs and listeners” Rantanen says with a smile.


The band members are:

Pasi Rantanen – Vocals

Antti ” Colonel ” Wirman – Guitar

Mirka Rantanen – Drums

Time Schleifer – Bass

Jari Pailamo – Keyboards.



Kotisivut: https://www.facebook.com/nomanslandfinland?fref=ts

DragonWhite toivottaa No Man´s Landin sydämellisesti tervetulleeksi rosteriinsa!


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